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ESD Reel Sealer - RS208

ESD Reel Sealer - RS208

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The RS208 Reel Sealer is designed to clearly mark and prevent unravelling of SMT carrier tape reels when not in use. Quickly peel the pre-cut strips from the roll and secure reels of all sizes. Ideal for storage and ESD safe (3000pcs/roll).


PET Tape


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50mm x 7mm per pc

Care Instructions

Recommended to use within 6 months of purchase. Store 20°c-28°c / humidity 40%-70%

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Single Splice Tapes

SMT Splice Tape

> A fast, precise way to connect SMT component reels

> Increase Pick and Place Machine output by 5%-30%

> Use all components on the carrier tape

> Reduce reel change downtime